We believe that moving to cloud you should compromise on your security and privacy


We believe that SMS as the most popular messaging system in the world deserves better user experience

So we created SMSee.

Basic idea is simple - SMSee is good looking web application that you can use to send and receive your SMS messages just like on your phone. Your messages are synchronized between your phone and SMSee servers so you can access them using your browser. Also, you can send messages to your friends, family and coworkers using same browser. These messages will be forwarded to your phone for actual delivery so nobody will notice that you are not really using your phone.

Besides texting, you can also see all your phone's notifications on your computer as well as your phone's battery status.

And on top, you can connect multiple devices (phones and tablets) to one SMSee account and access them all on one screen!

But we also wanted to create a solution which does not degrades your privacy and security. Why would you upload your text messages in the cloud just to have this service?

With SMSee you can setup your secret key which is stored locally on your devices (mobile phones, tables and web browsers) which is used to encrypt your messages before they go to the cloud and decrypt them when they come back. All your sensitive data is stored on SMSee servers in encrypted form and since we don't have access to your secret key we and no one else can see them.

Like this:

We hope you will find SMSee service useful and that you will enjoy it. Now, we would suggest that you try it. You can also check our FAQ for more details.

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